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96 rescue netting megabat black male 07/04/2013

Bunnings Warehouse netting!

this is the worst netting rescue that I have done.

I am way past the point. I do not want to do these rescues! It is so wrong that a product, that clearly does not do what it is suppose to do, is still being sold, when an alternative is available. HailGuard.

Please feel free to write to Bunnings Warehouse.

You have every right for your money back.

Many customers have complained about this product.

Many wildlife rescuers and a number of wildlife groups have complained/advised.

anyone can write to Bunnings. local and overseas.

We recommend HailGuard as a safe alternative

This is the product that commercial growers use. It’s called “Hailguard” it is inexpensive and it may also help limit insect pests. It has proven effective with no harm to bats, possums, birds or snakes. It is approximately 15-18% shade so will still allow fruit to ripen. It comes 6m wide and will not fray when cut. Zip tie to a frame or cut it to be folded over fruiting branches. Make sure it is pegged to the ground as flying-foxes are smart and may climb up from the bottom. It is UV safe for around 10 years so just fold it way after use.

Buy it from Fernland Agencies, they are happy to post anywhere in Australia. Call (07) 5441 1711, Fax (07) 5441 6791 Email:

search google images for hailguard

he was barley alive when i cut him out of the netting. was too tired to eat or drink. had a little fight left but only in short bursts. survived the trip back home. but was put to sleep.

96 rescue netting megabat black male 07/04/2013 Reviewed by James Chadwick on Sunday, April 07, 2013 Rating: 5
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